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During the successful 5th ISIRV-AVG Conference in Shanghai in June 2017, it became clear that new data would be forthcoming in 2018 from ongoing clinical trials of investigational therapeutics for influenza, RSV and other respiratory viruses.

Furthermore, as discussed during the earlier 4th ISIRV-AVG Conference in Austin in 2015, many questions remained on clinical development pathways, trial designs and study endpoints.

We expect the Conference to be of interest to pre-clinical and clinical investigators, clinicians and public health experts. It will address both pre-clinical and clinical advances in therapeutic and prophylactic agents for influenza, RSV and other respiratory viruses, spanning antivirals, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies,immunomodulatory agents and other adjunctive therapies, and will include consideration of regulatory issues central to advancing such agents to clinical practice.

The programme will encompass the following topics

Preclinical Topics

Clinical Trial Design Issues

Clinical Trial and Regulatory Issues

Clinical Trial Papers

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