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 Further Information for Delegates & Presenters


Please also note: ISIRV-AVG Press Release Policy

All the sessions will be held in the Avaya Auditorium, Peter O’Donnell Jr Building (POB) and lunch and the posters will be in the Norman Hackerman Building (NHB), just across from POB. Map attached.

 Registration will take place outside the Avaya Auditorium and will open at 7.00am on Tuesday 2nd June.

Poster presenters will be able to put their posters up in the Norman Hackerman Building between 3.30-5.30pm on Monday 1st June and then from 8.00am on Tuesday 2nd.

All presenters please note that in the Auditorium 16:9 (wide screen), rather than 4:3, would be the better option for your slides, if possible. If not, it will still be fine, so please don’t worry.

The Auditorium only has a PC but it does have a connection for a Mac.  If this is an issue for you, please email

In case you have any very specific dietary requirements that we should be aware of, please email the organisers at

Please be aware that in the last 3-4 weeks the weather in Austin has been unseasonal and it has rained almost every day, usually late in the afternoon or evening, or overnight.  Some of the rain is in the form of violent thunderstorms.  You may wish to bring appropriate clothing!

We look forward to a great scientific meeting and to seeing you in Austin – safe journey!