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  1. ISIRV Journal: For the last 7 years, another year-on-year increase - IRV Journal impact factor is now 5.61
  2. SAVE THE DATE: Individual and Population Immunity to Respiratory Viruses 8-10 November 2023, Hong Kong
  3. UPCOMING 9th ESWI Conference 17-20 Sept 2023 Valencia - read more
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT_OPTIONS XII 29 Sept-2 Oct 2024 Brisbane, Australia
7th AVG Conference


  • Discounted rate for articles submitted to the ISIRV Journal
  • Discounted registration rate at ISIRV conferences
  • Opportunities to network and connect with world experts in the field of respiratory virus diseases
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   OPTIONS XII Brisbane  29 Sept-2 Oct 2024

Advancing Respiratory Virus Therapeutics:
Lessons Learned from COVID-19  |  3 - 5 May 2023, Seattle
EMARIS 2023: 3rd Scientific Conference on Acute Respiratory Infections in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

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  Visit the COP2023 website here

  OPTIONS for the Control of Influenza XI  26 - 29 September 2022  website
  12th International RSV Symposium (RSV2022) 29 September - 2 October 2022  website
  9th ESWI Influenza Conference 17-20 September 2023 | Valencia | website
  Individual and Population Immunity to Respiratory Viruses 8-10 November 2023 |  Hong Kong | website

 Global Influenza Update

 Influenza updates from the WHO can be found here.


 Influenza Vaccine

The recommended composition of influenza virus vaccines for use in the 2022-2023 northern hemisphere influenza season can be found here.

 WHO Position Paper May 2022 - Vaccines Against Influenza

 Zoonotic Influenza

 Antigenic and genetic characteristics of zoonotic influenza A viruses and development of candidate vaccine viruses

 for pandemic preparedness can be found here.

 Global COVID-19 Update

 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation reports from the WHO

The ISIRV Journal, Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses, is published in an online only format. No printed issue will be produced but authors will still be able to order offprints of their own articles. ISIRV members will receive a 10% discount for articles submitted.

Contact for the code.