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Tokyo Conference: Overview

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Repeated infections by influenza and other respiratory viruses contribute enormously to the burden of human disease across the age spectrum and to both healthcare costs and societal economic loss. Emergent zoonotic pathogens, as evidenced recently by lethal illness due to avian influenza H7N9 and H5N1 viruses and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, pose a constant threat of causing global outbreaks. Despite extensive knowledge of the viruses, our armoury of specific vaccines and therapeutics to combat these continuing threats is limited. This meeting will focus on recent advances in understanding and mitigating the impact of respiratory virus infections, with a particular emphasis on clinical management. The successful use in Japan of antivirals and vaccines against seasonal and pandemic influenza and the development of novel antiviral agents will be highlighted.


The conference will provide a forum for clinicians, public health specialists, virologists, and medical scientists to present their research and discuss the latest advances in epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention and clinical management of influenza and other respiratory viruses, against the backdrop of emergence of novel virus pathogens. The format will include plenary sessions with invited lectures, sessions for oral presentation of submitted papers and poster sessions.

We are aiming to attract around 250 Japanese and international participants, especially from East Asia, for the two and a half day conference.


The organisers invite abstracts for oral or poster presentations in the following areas: 

  • Emerging respiratory virus threats (including H7N9, MERS-CoV)
  • Influenza - impact and clinical management
  • Pathogenesis and clinical features of respiratory viral infections
  • Neuraminidase inhibitors and influenza antivirals
  • Advances in respiratory virus diagnosis and treatment
  • Antiviral resistance and new agents
  • Influenza and respiratory virus vaccines
  • Immunomodulator therapies

Abstract submission for the conference has now closed.

Conference Registration Fees    
Early Bird Existing isirv member  335.00 USD  valid until mid-April 
Early Bird - isirv non-member   480.00 USD    valid until mid-April   
Late registration - Existing isirv member   383.00 USD   valid until 1st June
Late registration - isirv non-member   526.00 USD      valid until 1st June
On-site registration - Existing isirv member   430.00 USD           
On-site registration - isirv non-member  574.00 USD       
Student registration   143.00 USD       

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